May 14, 2018

Identity Crisis – Part 6 – Made for More

May 13, 2018
Mike Pennington
I can confidently say that everyone has been affected in a positive way by a mom. Perhaps it was your biological mom or another mom; either way moms are often unsung heroes in our lives. They serve, love, pray and frequently go that extra special mile.
This week, I was thinking of Mary the Mother of Jesus and how the Bible points out that she treasured God’s Word (Luke 2:19). She actively remembered and reflected on what God had spoken to her. One of the definitions of the word treasured is to preserve a thing from perishing or being lost. When we fix God’s words in our minds and talk about them day and night, we remind ourselves to
believe (Deuteronomy 11:18-21). However, when we fail to remember God’s
promises and His Word, we gradually drift.
I encourage you to fix your eyes daily on God and His Word, being aware of distractions and lesser things that would seek to confuse God’s good plan for your life. May you treasure His Word and ponder daily His promises and love for you!
We honour you today – Women of Faith!