September 2, 2018

Living a Fruitful Life – Self Control

A friend of mine recently described the worst fruit he has ever encountered. It’s called durian and it is found in Asia. I will spare you his descriptive terms, but let’s just say that durian’s export and import is restricted due solely to its smell. Why am I telling you this? Today we reach the last on the list of spiritual fruit that Paul lists in Galatians 5: Self Control. Every other fruit in Paul’s list has a certain culturally accepted sweetness to it.
However, self control is often viewed in our culture as the durian of spiritual fruit. It stands apart as the one that defies our cultural narrative of unrestrained pleasure. But what if unrestrained pleasure actually robs us? What if our cultural narrative is wrong and self control is actually a desperately needed gift? Apparently durian is pretty good for you. Maybe self control is too! Thanks for joining us today. We trust you will encounter God through worship and His Word and that you will be changed by it.