1. Welcome to Church Party

New to church? Wondering what we’re all about? We’d love to host you at one of our Welcome to Church Parties. It’s a relaxed time where you can meet some of our pastors and leaders and learn more about the heart, vision and values of our church.

2. Discovery

A two week gathering designed for those wanting to ‘discover’ Evangel’s mission, vision and values in an informal setting. You will have an opportunity to meet and learn more about faith and the mission of our church. 

3. Connecting Points

You can Connect in dozens of ways here at Evangel. Whether you are in youth ministry, legacy builders, Alpha or ESL we want to help you connect in a meaningful way throughout the year. 

For more information, visit our Ministry page.

4. Connect Groups

Connect Groups have one simple purpose: to bring people together. We believe life isn’t meant to live alone and life-change happens within the context of relationships. Here at Evangel Church we want you to find a connect group so you can experience all God would have for you in relationship with others.

Our Connect Group Structure looks like this: 

• Ongoing (houses thought out the year)
• On-site (Wed evenings at the church building)
• Seasonal (in homes for 6-8 weeks)

It doesn’t matter which type of Connect Groups, just get conected.

To Lead, Host or Attend please contact: 

Pastor Don Richmond


5. Serve

The church is the people of God not a building or a few select individuals. We truly need each other as we build the kingdom of God. That’s why our heart for you is to join us on mission. Do you have a talent or gift? Don’t know if you do? Let us help you discover the blessing in serving here at Evangel.