July 8, 2018

Living a Fruitful Life – Joy

This morning we are talking about Joy.
Someone once asked Mother Theresa what the job description was for anyone who might want to work alongside her among the poor and destitute people of Calcutta, India. Without hesitation she replied. “There are two things that are needed, a desire to work hard and a joyful attitude.”
This morning we want to talk about maintaining a joyful attitude no matter what life throws at us. I like what Lewis B. Smedes said about joy, “You and I were created for joy, and if we miss it, we miss the reason for our existence. If our joy is honest joy, it must somehow be congruous with human tragedy. This is the test of joy’s integrity: is it compatible with pain? Only the heart that hurts has a right to joy."
Today we want to look at the kind of joy that stands the test of time and circumstance. The Bible says, “The joy of the Lord is our strength.” May we experience God’s strength and joy as we worship together.